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Lovecats ланче classic

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Ten year ago, after finishing her studies, our designer had an emotional moment where she needed to decide what her brand name and logo would be.

Being a graduated costume Designer, the only thing in life she knew perfectly well was Theater, so Drama was the logical name for her brand. And after her oldest cat Radovan stood before her while she was trying to develop the logo, she knew that his face with his fluffy cheeks is the perfect contouring for the design of the brand logo, the Cat mask.

After a couple of years working with clients one on one on developing custom designs, she started separating the logo into a separate product, the Lovecat necklace. With the ideology of an unconditional Love as a background  and the need of positive consumption she designed the necklace as a small catchy statement piece, easy to ship and with an enormous message, Give a little Lovecat Spread a little Cat Love. From that moment on, the story of the Lovecats started developing on its own, building a platform of conscious consumers, with a contemporary mindset, ready to change themselves for a better mutual future. The Lovecats outgrew Drama, and became a separate Fashion brand with a specific target, future oriented customers with a high sense of development. To be a Lovecat, you need to be in balance with yourself, our mission is to show you that Fashion can be Human again, and what you wear defines you as a person. Your lifestyle is at the highest importance for us, for we believe that everything is connected in our lives. What you choose becomes a part of you and a part of the universe.  

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