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  • North Royal Training Ltd. T/A EventTrix Floor 1, Filmbase, Curved St., Dublin 2, Ireland

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Онлајн курс за Music & Film Events Planner + сертификат


  • Купонот може да се искористи од 14.05.2022 до 27.12.2023
  • Морате да се регистрирате за следење на курсот најдоцна до крајниот датум одреден од Grouper и часовите да ги завршите во рамките на 60 дена од активацијата на кодот.
  • Доколку не го искористите купонот во рамките на рокот, истиот пропаѓа и средствата не може да се рефундираат
  • По успешно завршување на курсот, корисникот добива Е-сертификат
  • 24/7 пристап до учебните материјали
  • Курсот се изведува online на англиски јазик 
  • За да започнете со курсот треба да го внесете купон кодот следниов линк РЕГИСТРАЦИЈА
  • Повеќе информации на е-маил: [email protected]


If music is your first love, make it your career. Join this thrilling world by knowing how to stage music concerts and film festivals that are a complete sell-out.

We can hardly keep up with all the concerts and film festivals happening now. Can you??! Over recent years there’s been an explosion of entertainment events of all kinds. People now recognise how important playtime is for a balanced life and that need is clearly expressed through growing support from participants for concerts and film festivals.

Before attempting to plan this type of event we strongly advise being fully prepared and informed. Music and Film Events Manager is an excellent resource for gaining a rounded education on all the essential elements to entertainment events based on music and film.

As concerts and film events differ in nature we focus specifically on each event type. We take you through a well structured, detailed training, starting with being clear about your aim and goal. Your learning progression follows in logical stages that mirror the unfolding of an actual event.

Planning and running a concert or film festival can be a daunting task. These events need responsible, informed and resourceful organisation to ensure smooth operation and enjoyment for everyone involved. Without specific knowledge and skills, they might not get off the ground or could end in disaster.

Recognising this strengthening trend, we’re thrilled to bring you this exhilarating course. Some members of our team have particular expertise in the film festival and concert planning sectors and know how rewarding and fulfilling it can be to plan and run a successful event in these areas. If you love music or film, the opportunities to shape your life and earn your income around your passion are endless and very exciting!

Повеќе информации за курсот може да видите ТУКА.

  • Купувањето на купонот се извршува само и единствено преку сајтот Grouper.mk!
  • Во спротивно Grouper.mk не сноси никаква одговорност за услугата/производот.
  • Доколку ви предложат да платите на лице место, Ве молиме известете не овде.

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